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Omnivores: do you feel you want meat every day?


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Omnivores: do you feel you want meat every day?

magiesmom | Jan 27, 2014 11:31 AM

A thread on the home cooking board got me curious about this. I am am omnivore and enjoy good meat and seafood but definitely do not want or need meet every day. I love many different vegetarian meals and make them often.

On the aforementioned thread some people stated that they really want meat every day and sometimes every meal, which surprised me, so I wondered how common this is.
It came up in the context of whether it is ok to serve a vegetarian meal to a mixed group of vegetarians/ omnivores.

So I am wondering, do you feel like you are missing something if a meatless meal is served to you? Do you make vegetarian meals as part of your regular habit?

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