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Southwest Reno new favorite grocery store in Reno -- Ranch Market!!!!


Markets & Stores 20 new favorite grocery store in Reno -- Ranch Market!!!!

janetofreno | Jul 15, 2006 02:40 AM

I realize that there is a possibility this is a chain, but there's nothing like it in these parts. Its billed as a latino grocery, and its certainly that. But based on a tip from my coworkers, I went tonight to check out the produce. Wow! Everything looks so good (and what I've tasted so far is delicious) and is cheap!! Plus they have items not usually found around here: manila mangoes (around 3 for a dollar); large pink-fleshed papayas (79 cents a pound); fresh nopales leaves; fresh coconuts; wonderful tomatoes; sweet seedless green grapes at 1.29 a pound; etc, etc. Plus there is a big machine churning out fresh corn tortillas all day long, not to mention a panaderia and a butcher. There are aisles upon aisles of unusual and hard-to-find Mexican grocery items: unusual salsas, sauces; canned goods; chilis; etc. I bought two cans of green chickpeas: I've never seen them before but I bet my Gujarati husband will find some nice way to cook them up....Oh, and the nice young man in produce apologized to me in broken English that they were all out of fresh guavas....but then he got a big smile on his face and exclaimed: "Lunes!" I guess you know where I'll be Monday..:-) Ranch Market is on Wells Ave a couple of blocks south of Vassar.

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