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OMG!! Mouse in the garbage disposal!


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OMG!! Mouse in the garbage disposal!

fldhkybnva | Nov 28, 2012 02:32 PM

We have had a chronic problem with mice but I haven't seen one in quite some time now. I guess a few of the leftover Thanksgiving dessert plates were hit with a splash of water but somehow left in the sink last night (someone will get a talking to about this). I come home to a mouse nibbling away at apple pie and my immediate reaction was to cover it with a tupperware container and push it into the disposal with the water running and flipped the switch! I didn't see him run off but now I'm worried that my 1st instinct might leave me with a big mouse carcass remnant issue. I ran the garbage disposal for 5 minutes and poured copious amounts of bleach. Anything else I should do or worry about? Anyone else ever vaporize a mouse?

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