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Is omelette-making harder than rocket science?


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Is omelette-making harder than rocket science?

Ron D. | Oct 26, 2003 09:35 PM

To make an omelette, I use two beaten eggs (plus a teaspoon of water) in an 8-inch Calphalon commercial nonstick pan. I put the pan on high heat, melt the butter, pour in the eggs, shake/swirl the pan, stir the eggs gently, etc.

My omelettes suck. Cookbooks tell me to use high heat, but what ends up happening is that the bottom cooks very quickly, while the top remains all liquidy. The bottom also takes on an unappetizing brown color and an overly smooth texture (somewhat like a crepe), instead of the lovely yellow color and soft texture that I'm after. But if I lower the heat, the top part of the omelette would remain all mucous-y and gross.

Please help, egg experts! I'm not bad at making most dishes, but I'm just hopeless with eggs. What am I doing wrong?

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