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okay, another omakase/sushi etiquette question


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okay, another omakase/sushi etiquette question

Jayna | Apr 25, 2006 08:13 PM

I have heard a lot about omakase and it sounds great (we both love sushi), but my boyfriend is super shy when it comes to strangers. He is very reluctant to go to this omakase sushi bar because he doesn't understand what exactly is expected of him, in terms of the social interaction, especially talking with the sushi chef. What to say, do, not do, etc. He's afraid he'll make a fool of himself. I don't mind so much making a fool of myself: just go and be polite and see what seems right and hope I don't screw up too badly. But I don't want some awkwardness where my boyfriend gets embarrassed because I don't know what I'm doing and say the wrong thing, and I don't want to accidentally offend anybody. Also, if I can tell him what to expect, he's more likely to go along with it than if I say we have to wing it.

Anyway, please help! What kind of thing do we say to the sushi chef/master? How do I address him? How much conversation do we have, about what, so as to not seem rude? I don't want to seem to ignore him, but also don't want to try to monopolize his time either. Are we supposed to comment positively on each dish when we first see it, or after we try it, or not until the end? And do we tell him if we don't really like something so he doesn't give us anything else like that or just grin and bear it? Also, how do we tip him and do we tip only him or someone else too, and how much?

Your help is much, much appreciated, thank you in advance!!!

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