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Olympic Noodle and Sea Harbour - review (long)

J_in_CC | Feb 25, 2005 01:18 AM

Last weekend, we had celebrated the weekend by eating at a few restaurants. Thanks to all for their recommendations and here's some feedback.

Olympic Noodle (4008 W. Olympic Blvd):

This is a small/medium Korean specialty house. It is known for kalguksu and soojaelbi(sp?). These are two types of "noodles". Kalguksu is a medium width long noodle and soojaelbi is torn dough. Both of them in a simple flavored broth. It was perfect for the rainy season. The restaurant has several different types of kalguksu and soojaelbi with the variations being what you put in with the soup (seafood, beef, kim chi...). I had the solgogi kalguksu (beef noodle soup) and my wife had the kalguksu soojaelbi combo soup. I enjoyed my soup. It had a nice clean flavor. I drank all of the broth. My wife concentrated on the noodles and torn dough. Neither of us could finish our dish. There was a lot of food and the prices were reasonable. I don't recall the cost, but I think it was cheap. We also tried the mandu (fried dumplings). They weren't anything special. I prefer the large dumplings at Youngking (only thing I miss since we decided not to return to this restaurant due to service issues). The kim chi comes in one large container. The container has a set of tongs and you're supposed to take the kim chi out and place it in a small dish. Head's up for inexperienced Korean-eaters. Service was friendly. Overall, we liked the restaurant and will return. Thank you Chowhounds for giving us another Korean restaurant to frequent. :)

Sea Harbour (3939 Rosemead Blvd)

Five of us ventured out to Rosemead to try a new dim sum house. We usually frequent Ocean Star or NBC. I was excited to try a new restaurant and dragged my wife and friends to the new place. Unfortunately, we didn't arrive until 12:15 pm and had to wait about one hour. The restaurant was a lot smaller than I expected, but the food looked tasty from the outside. I was glad to see the menu had pictures so we could try new dishes without figuring out Chinese names of dishes such as Lion's Head (yummy). We each picked a couple of items to begin, and the dishes started arriving one by one. I enjoy the carts, but I also enjoyed this style. It was a nice change to have a relaxing conversation and have hot food brought to your table. We tried 15 different types and a few repeats for ~$14-15 each.

Chinese broccoli - always good, smaller plate than other dim sum - but also smaller price :)

Ha gao (shrimp dumplings)- good, cut up shrimp, not minced shrimp

Siu Mai (pork/shrimp dumplings) - tightly pack with chunks of pork and shrimp. I liked the quality of meat and seafood but I wish it had a bit more seasoning

Chowfun shrimp (thick rice noodle around shrimp)- always a crowd pleaser.

turnip chunks - one of the best dishes of the meal. Very flavorful and cooked through but not too greasy or too soft. Excellent.

chicken feet - no flavor, undercooked, definite loser of the meal

bitter melon mocchi - interesting, mostly sesame which I happen to like.

dumpling with pea tip(do miao)/pork - nothing special, had at the end so may have reached maximum stomach capacity so unable to fairly rate

garlic pork ribs - one of my personal favorites at all dim sums, I liked the large chunks of meat, good flavor

fried fish balls - not too interesting, just fish balls with some flavor and colorful chunks of diffrent onion

eggplant with fish cake - another mediocre item, I needed a bit more seasoning or shrimp/pork combo. My wife liked it.

bean curd w/veggie/pork(?) - I don't recall waht was inside, but this dish went fast.

baked bread w/tapoica,egg,cocunut - ok, not a big fan of tapoica/egg custard deserts. Flavor was a bit subtle. General consensus was that it was not that interesting of a dessert

and a couple more but I don't recall.

Likes: big chunks of meat, hot delivery, good service, good selection, good price

Dislikes: some items were not too exciting, wait and C-rating!

All dim sum houses have unexciting items and we should have come earlier. But, I did notice the C-rating which I verified on the LA Health website. Luckily, my wife didn't see the sign or we would have left. The C-rating was given for sanitizing or lack thereof of utensils. Most restaurants in SGV are B's, but C-rating for a place that looks so clean and works on presentation was surprising. I hope they literally clean up their act.

Thanks again to all Chowhounds for sharing restaurant tips.

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