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olive oil trouble

drdawn | Mar 30, 2004 03:59 AM

I think my pallate has gone nuts. I had 2 bottles of olive oil, both kept in cool dark conditions, one a year old, one 6 months old: the older one was mostly gone, save a tablespoon or so. Tasted the dregs which were awful. Tasted like I imagine paint would taste. Went onto the second bottle, which was not as bad, but still didn't taste right to me. Now, I got these bottles at a store specialising in cheap continental european stuff(Lidl to you Brits out there--a bit like Euro price club without the bulk). Both oils always tasted bitter to me, far too strong for my liking but now the bitterness seemed to really dominate... or was it just my memory from the first oil that really did go off? So I capitulated and bought a new, expensive oil made organically by a women's workers' cooperative (partial to hippie food that I am...). THIS too tastes bitter to me!!! What's going on? Should I just stick to massmarket vaguely green oil?

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