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Olive Oil Emergency - Emphasis on OLIVE


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Olive Oil Emergency - Emphasis on OLIVE

Alice | May 10, 2001 02:50 PM

Olive Oil Emergency! Am out of olive oil and need to replace this household staple, yesterday! :-) I've been to the archives, but couldn't find an answer to my query: What brand might you fellow chowhounds suggest that has a really intense olive flavor? (I saw a blurb in yesterday's NY Times Food Section about a place in the Bronx (Teitel Brothers, on Arthur Avenue) that sells 'Don Luigi Sicilian olive oil with an "olive taste so pronounced you'll almost look for pits." Sounds like what I'm looking for. But wasn't planning any immediate trips to the Bronx.) Are Sicilian olive oils more "olive-y" than others? Any recommendations?? As always, thanks!

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