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Olive Garden has been disappointing me quite a bit lately?

ShowUsYourRack | Dec 31, 201307:54 PM

My Grandfather has been going there for a while now & perhaps more so now than ever he pretty much chooses to go back there because the name has stuck. That makes it an easier decision as a place to take him rather than just searching all around, ya know? Despite my Grandfather's desire/choice to go there, the service hasn't been all that great. I mean, the people are usually nice, they just seem to be too slow & inattentive, ya know?

Most importantly though, the food just seems to get worse nearly every time we go back there. Gramps was even some what disappointed with the Food &/or service at the Olive Garden as we all were. The breadsticks are of course free, but even the "free" food at a fine/decent Restaurant should be fresh &/or tasty, not too hard & too salty which their breadsticks were/are as well.

The thing that also kind of aggravated me was that they only have Grated Parmesan, yet no other toppings for their food for the most part. I mean, really, do they think that Grated Parmesan will make my Chicken Tenders taste proper/good or On top of that, they didn't even have any (even in small packets) Barbecue Sauce! Really! How in the hell could you sell Chicken Tenders as part of a main course in your Restaurant & not have any kind of Barbecue (or similar) Sauce? Ridiculous! Is it just me or doesn't every Restaurant usually have Barbecue Sauce in it whether they sell Chicken Tenders or not? I was practically ready to walk a few blocks down the street to a!

Oh well. I don't wanna go on much longer about it. I've said my peace & have been disgusted &/or disappointed with the service &/or Food at the Olive Garden. Next time I'll just ask Gramps if he'd rather go to McDonald's... or the Bonefish Grill... or Burger King... or K.F.C.... or Sonic... or Wendy's... or the Outback... or Subway... or Panera or...? Well, just not the Olive!

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