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Oishii Boston

Gabatta | Jul 16, 2006 04:29 AM

We stopped by tonight to try out the new location on Washington Street. At 7:30p we were seated immediately at the sushi bar. We were told it would be 30 min for a table, but it looked like there were several open tables. I was surprised at how large the space is, there are about 15 seats at the sushi bar, and tables on two levels. The design is minimalist with stone floors, but it works for the space. The AC was a bit lacking, the sushi friges on the bar were all sweating. They have a nifty new logo on the door and chopsticks holders. In fact, look for the O on the door or the valet sign, or you will drive right by. We found a spot right in front withour problem and parked there. I am not sure I would be totally comfortable wondering where the valet was taking my car in that neighborhood.

The food was good, but not great. I think they are still working out running such a large kitchen and sushi bar (compared with the Chestnut Hill) location. The fish was excellent as usual for Oishii, We started with sashimi (Tuna, Yellowtail, Snapper, Toro, Escolar, Wild Salmon). The pieces were avarage size, they could have been bigger for our tastes (and the price). There are many new menu items, but they will make any of the special Makis from the Chestnut Hill location on request. We had the White Tiger maki (Tuna, roe and cucumber rolled in white seaweed) which was fantastic, and the Oiishi maki ($25!) which was just OK. We ended up with several of the spicy handrolls wrapped in cuke. These tasted good, but were not prepared correctly, the cuke was too thin to hold the top heave rolls. One of them dumped out as the server set it down. She asked if we wanted a new one. Ummm, yes, for $9/per...definitely.

The service was a bit spotty, but that will take time with the new location. Our sashimi originally came out as sushi and had to be redone, and they got one of the rolls wrong. We did not mind as we were having a slow meal, but they need to get it down before it gets really crowded there. One new twist that is definitely not going to work is the soy sauce distribution. A server comes around and pours soy sauce into their new fancy finger bowls. There is no soy sauce on the sushi bar or tables. Of course we ran out and had to wait for the server before we could continue eating. This was mildly annoying. One thing they did get right is bringing wasabi and ginger in advance of the food. I like to get my wasabi mix going right away, so it has opened up by the time the fish comes.

The bar was not yet fully stocked. The only beers available were Heineken, Heineken Light and Amstel? They said the Asahi was "coming".

Our bill was $150 with tip (2 beers on top of the food) which was fairly steep for comparable meals in other places. It will be interesting to see how this place does. The location is really not great or convenient, I was somewhat surprised they could not find a better location for an in-town outpost. You have to drive or take a cab (even if you live in town). It would be nice if they were even up near Shawmut or Tremont. I will pass on strolling through Peters Park after dark (someone ws murdered there last week). With the prices as high as they are, I think it will limit their walk in business from the immediate neighborhood. This may be an issue, as they have a lot of seats to fill.

We were excited to try the new Oishii, but in the future will probably bypass it for Douzo which is really our new go to place. We also had our first meal in awhile at Fugakyu last week. It was as good as ever with HUGE pieces of sashimi. Fugakyu is a much better value than Oishii or Douzo.

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