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arielleeve | Jul 27, 2010 01:09 PM

I live in a NYC apartment with a small kitchen (surprise surprise) and very little storage. As a way to make space, we mounted a metal shelf on the wall above our stove and countertop -- the only place in the kitchen it was possible. This is where I have been keeping things like oils, vinegars, salt, and pepper. Basically the things I use most often so it's nice to have them right on hand when I'm cooking instead of in the cabinet. Plus, most of the oils are too big for the cabinet space (not to mention the pantry is literally filled to the brim right now). But I know that really oil is supposed to be stored in a cool, dry place. We live on the first floor and the blinds are closed a lot, so they don't get that much light, but it's hardly dark like a pantry. And although we have A/C so the place is never sweltering, the shelf is right above the stove so when that's on I'm sure it gets hot up there. My question is, how truly terrible is this? It really is the most convenient place to keep those things. So far, nothing has gone bad, and we use everything often enough that nothing will sit out for a year or anything like that, but am I really significantly damaging the flavor of the oils by not keeping them in an ideal spot? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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