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oil vs butter- the Fat debate


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oil vs butter- the Fat debate

fusilli | Mar 22, 2005 05:42 AM

I've noticed recently that a lot of recipes use oil instead of butter to be more healthy, often in lower fat recipes. The thing is, I often can't see a reduction in the quantity of fat, just in the type.

Aside from cholestrol, healthy-heart stuff, what gives? They're both fat, right? Is using a tablespoon of oil less fatty than a tablespoon of butter? Or does the fact that oil measurements are often given as a volume (1/4 cup, 1 TBS, etc.) and butter as a weight (1/2 stick, 20g, etc.)ultimately affect the calories you're putting into your body?

I have no problems whatsoever with cholestrol, so why don't I just use butter in recipes (such as cakes)that traditionally call for it, rather that putting in canola oil and losing what butter does for the texture and taste? Can I just substitute directly, or would I have to allow for the difference in the weight/volume issue?

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