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Odorless Airplane food?


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Odorless Airplane food?

cresyd | Sep 15, 2012 04:35 AM

I recently had an international flight that left at 5am (so I may have just been very sleep deprived and cranky), but the guy sitting next to me opened a sealed package of cashews - an item I don't consider very fragrant and like eating. However, the smell in the context of being on an airplane felt like someone had just stuffed my head into a jar of cashew butter. I was very aware of the smell and was thrilled when he put them away.

That being said, when the flight meals were passed around, there was no noticeable smell (and I never remember smelling an airplane meal). Not that in-flight (coach) meals have ever been known to be amazing - but this made me wonder if something is specifically done to food served on airplanes to make it as odorless as possible?

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