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Odd text behavior in post

BobB | Feb 24, 201007:17 AM

This is a pretty trivial thing but as a former copy editor it bugs me enough to mention it (I would have put it on Technical Help board if it still existed).

In this post of mine, http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/6900... , you can see that a close parenthesis at the end of the second paragraph appears two lines below where it should be. I typed it correctly right after the question mark at the end of the sentence, and it looked fine until I hit Post. What showed up is what you see.

When I realized it was doing this I tried to fix it by clicking Edit, extracting the whole block of text, and pasting it into Word, where I could see that an extra paragraph mark and line feed had been added. I deleted these, then copied the amended text back into Chowhound - and again, when I hit Post the extra line breaks came right back!

Any bored techs care to comment on this phenomenon?

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