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odd-smelling Evian


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odd-smelling Evian

KayMae | Aug 16, 2007 02:44 PM

A few days ago, I bought a plastic liter bottle of Evian at Whole Foods in
NY. I took a few sips from it later that day, and smelled something odd.
I realized the smell was coming from the bottle; even though the water
looked clear, there was a moldy smell. (Years ago, I actually drank
from a bottle of Fiji Water that had mold growing in it; I was not looking
at the bottle, and the flowery design obscured this gross mold, very long story....
certainly never bought Fiji again; they acted like they didn't believe me,
even though their rep came to my bldg. and SAW the bottle.)
Anyway, this time I kept the bottle,
e-mail the Danone group, provided them with all the pertinent info, and
spoke to them today. They forwarded my e-mail to quality control, and
they said that if a bottle is stored improperly somewhere along the approx.
2-month chain from spring to store, it can get this odd taste. They are
sorry for the inconvenience, and are sending me coupons. Now, I can
take this bottle back and get my $1.89 or whatever, but that's not the
point. INCONVENIENCE? What did I ingest, is more like it. Has
anyone ever had this problem, and how did you handle it?


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