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Odd experience at Warrington Wegman's


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Odd experience at Warrington Wegman's

givemecarbs | Apr 4, 2011 08:10 PM

So my friend and I love to eat dinner once a week at the food court at the Warrington Wegman's. Been doing this for about two years now. We both got kind of addicted to coconut water so we always grab one of those, a couple of hot entrees and eat upstairs. Not this time.
We got an older woman named Cath who informed us that she couldn't ring up groceries at the food court register. She was quite sure this was impossible. At this point I should have just walked down to the line of registers about half a store length away and paid for our stuff there. But something about her pissy attitude made me want to stick up for myself. I told her that we always got the coconut water and it was always rung up at this register, no problem. Every time. Cath said no she was quite sure that didn't happen. I made some joke about imagining the last two years of my life, did without the coconut water and paid for the two entrees.
My friend and I were both tired and hungry and just wanted a relaxing meal. We managed to scrounge up some tap water. While we were eating I thought about the nice Indian cashier who one time told us the coconut water was healing, and all the customers we had seen go through the line buying diapers or big bags of pretzels with their beer.
So then I made my second mistake, I asked to speak to a manager. We stood around for five minutes until Mary showed up. Then we got a long lecture about the evil torturous ways of the Penna Liquor Control Board and were told that Cath was quite correct. She was formal and cool.
So all I did besides aggravating myself and wasting my time was possibly getting all the nice sweet cashiers in trouble for ringing up coconut water and such.
Note to self: always suck it up, never complain. It was just the way she kept insisting that they never rang up anything like coconut water in that area. It was like calling me a liar.

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