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October 2014 Cookbook of the Month: "The Book of Jewish Food" by Claudia Roden

qianning | Oct 1, 2014 06:30 AM

Welcome to the October 2014 Cookbook of the Month. This month we will be exploring "The World of Jewish Food" by Claudia Roden.

To view the history of COTM and how it works, please visit this link:
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Please use this thread for general discussion of our October 2014 Cookbook of the Month, "The Book of Jewish Food" by Claudia Roden. This is a great space to discuss which recipes to choose, what you think of this cookbook and author, ingredient sources or any general comments. Also, this month's book has some fabulous essays on food in Jewish communities around the world, and this thread would be the spot for comments and reflections on those topical essays. Here's a list:

-The American Story (pages 76-82)
-France – a Mix of Alsatian ‘Vieille France’, Eastern Europe and North Africa(pages 131-133)
-Anglo-Jewry (pages 183-185)
-Israel – Forging a National Style with Gefilte Fish and Couscous (pages 202-207)
-Georgian Feasts (pages 264-266)
-Salonika (pages 285-289)
-Yemen (pages 321-323)
-The Three Jewish Communities of India (pages 365-370)
-The Babylonian Jews in the Land of the Two Rivers (pages 394-398)
-Tunisia – Berbers and ‘Livornese’ (pages 434-437)
-Persia (pages 448-450)
-Bukharan Jews (pages 453-456)
-Jewish Italy (pages 477-485)
-Morocco – Legacies from Baghdad and Andalusia in the Berber World (pages 493-498)
-A Judeo-Spanish Stronghold in Turkey (pages 523-526)
-Aleppo (Syria) Was the Pearl of the Jewish Kitchen (pages 564-569)
-The Lost Jews of China (pages 622-623)
-Ethiopian Jews (page 630)

On to the actual cooking, to post a review of any recipe, please select the appropriate thread below. If you are the first to report on a recipe, please reply to the original post. If a report already exists (please check before posting), please hit the reply box within the original report. This way all of the reports on the same dish will be together.

This month's book doesn't have chapters per se, so a list of the subject headings contained in each section appears in the OP of the appropriate reporting thread.

Here are the links to the reporting threads for:

"The Ashkenazi World", pages 58-202, http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/990829
The first half of "The Sephardi World", pages 232-443, http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/990830
The second half of "The Sephardi World",pages 444-634, http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/990831

Wishing everyone a delicious month of cooking, and a lively discussion of this treasure trove of recipes from around the world.

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