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I like the occasional California roll ...


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I like the occasional California roll ...

PaulF | Aug 20, 2006 02:26 AM

Not much of a thread topic, I know.

But I read a lot of threads about sushi experiences that brag that such and such a restaurant won't make a California roll.

And I just wanted to say that, while I have an appreciation of the finer things to eat during sushi meal -- well, some of them, anyway -- I do enjoy the occasional California roll and, quite frankly, many other non-traditional sushi concoctions. (Hamasaku, in Los Angeles, is really enjoyable to me and they seem to feature a lot of different rolls and that sort of thing).

Anyways, I'm not asserting that California rolls are the height of sushi dining nor am I claiming they are an essential element in a top sushi meal.

But I do like them, once in a while.

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