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What non-obvious things do you store in your fridge?

albaloo | Aug 27, 201007:08 PM     105

I have a problem that is probably alien to many chowhounders.

My fridge is nearly empty.

I'm a single woman, living in a tiny (less than 300sqft) apartment. My fridge rarely contains more that a pitcher of water, a half gallon of milk, and a bunch of freshly-bought fruits and vegetables. I find that any more food tends to goes bad before I get a chance to eat it.

All that empty space irks me.

I'm seriously tempted to start storing my sweaters or cookbooks in there, maybe because I have such limited storage space in general. However, I'd prefer something less wacky (don't want to frighten any company). I thought about pantry items like rice, beans, flour, etc. but I'm worried the humidity will spoil them.

Any suggestions?

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