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NYT Suburban Section Outrage

newhavener07 | May 5, 200808:05 AM

Did anyone read NYT suburban section this Sunday that featured a HUGE section on chain restaurants? It was so insulting on so many levels. The gist of the piece was: "Gee, you can get edible food at Outback and Olive Garden!" Like, duh. Only if you'd never before set foot outside of Manhattan would this be news to you. And it's a direct slap in the face to all the excellent non-chain restaurants in the suburbs. It's also just plain wrong--the article asserts that the "casual dining" chains like Applebees are thriving, when anyone who's glanced at the Wall St. Journal in the last few years knows that casual dining as a sector is in a severe slump as people cut back their restaurant budgets in favor of high-end, less frequent splurges. I'm sure this was some bone-headed editor's idea--a half-dozen new restaurants have opened in the last month in New Haven alone, and yet the NYT's food writers were dispatched to Applebees.
My irate letter is on its way to the editors--come on suburban readers, let them know that we demand better from the NYT!

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