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NYCers in Vegas - what should we eat that we can't get in NYC?

biondanonima | Jan 29, 200812:14 PM

BF and I are heading to Vegas this weekend (Sunday morn through Wednesday afternoon) and we're trying to figure out a restaurant itinerary. Unfortunately, BF has to work part of the time, so lunches will probably be quickly grabbed from wherever or ordered from room service at the Palazzo/Venetian (we're staying in the Palazzo and the conference he's working is being held in the Venetian). However, we should be able to do what we want for Sunday brunch and dinners/breakfasts in general, and we might be able to do one non-hotel lunch as well.

With all of that in mind, I have been reading these boards and trying to figure out a plan. I am a serious gourmet hound, and have eaten in many of NYC's finest restaurants (Per Se, Babbo, le Bernardin, etc). However, I also LOVE to eat cheap/dirty/ethnic and we live in Queens, so I frequently hit diners, dives, delis, pizza joints, hot dog stands, and all the fabulous (and cheap) thai, indian, vietnamese, bukharian and just about any other ethnicity you can name spots in Queens. BF has not had quite the exposure to NYC's finest that I have, but although he enjoys fine dining he is generally underwhelmed by French food (he prefers Italian, steakhouses, Spanish/tapas, etc). He loves asian/indian food as well, but does not eat sushi or much shellfish in general. We both enjoy the occasional buffet (especially if there's seafood involved for me!). We lived in Santa Fe one summer and we REALLY miss authentic Southwest cuisine. We are somewhat constrained by budget (Guy Savoy is out!) but would like to do one nicer place.

So, Hounds, where to? I would rather not duplicate any experiences that we can/have had in NYC, so B&B would be out, for instance. I love to get good bang for my buck, so if there's a spot that offers a truly great dining experience for a more reasonable price, that would be great (I've seen Rosemary's and Pamplemousse recommended in this category). We definitely want to do at least one buffet. Also, NYC is kind of a wasteland as far as Mexican food is concerned (and certainly as far as New Mexican cuisine is concerned), so a great Mexican or New Mexican recommendation would be welcome.

We've not made any reservations yet but we're tentatively planning to hit the Paris buffet at breakfast one day (maybe Sunday - we were thinking we might sneak in around 10:15 and stay awhile to get the best of both breakfast and lunch). We'd like to head to Lotus of Siam at some point since thai is our favorite and we live just a few blocks from the finest NYC has to offer (Sriphaphai). If we want to do another buffet at dinner time, the Bellagio is a contender, as is the Fremont (on seafood night, as long as they have other options for him). I'm interested in Todd's Unique, Pamplemousse and Rosemary's for off-the-strip options, but i'm not sure BF will want anything French. The recs for the Michoacan restaurants and Viva Mercado look good in the Mexican category. I'm also intrigued by Ping Pang Pong, as I have yet to find a satisfying dim sum place here (I know it exists, I just haven't found it yet!).

Anyway, I think I've got a good list of contenders there, but I would love your help in narrowing things down and would also appreciate any insider tips about when to do what. Since most of our meals will be weekday, hopefully there will be some good deals! Thanks in advance!

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