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ny times miracle fruit, about a year too late

kathleen rose | May 28, 200808:47 AM

a pal astutely pointed out that the ny times miraculin/miracle fruit article from today's 'dining out' follows this piece from march 07 in the journal:

To Make Lemons Into Lemonade, Try 'Miracle Fruit' --- Berry Turns Sour to Sweet By Altering Taste Buds; A Lure to Scientists

By Joanna Slater

1363 words

30 March 2007

The Wall Street Journal



(Copyright (c) 2007, Dow Jones & Company, Inc.)

ARLINGTON, Va. -- At a party here one recent Friday, Jacob Grier stood on a chair, pulled out a plastic bag full of small berries, and invited everyone to eat one apiece. "Make sure it coats your tongue," he said.

Mr. Grier's guests were about to go under the influence of miracle fruit, a slightly tart West African berry with a strange property: For about an hour after you eat it, everything sour tastes sweet.

Within minutes of consuming the berries, guests were devouring lime wedges as if they were candy. Straight lemon juice went down like lemonade, and goat cheese tasted as if it was "covered in powdered sugar," said one astonished partygoer. A rich stout beer seemed "like a milkshake," said another.

My question is: Is 'Dining Out' typically considered behind the curve? I had always assumed that while certainly less timely trend-wise than blogs, 'dining out' was a solid way to stay up on big movements... is it just digested for people that don't really care but are times readers? boo

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