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NY TIMES mag's weird Julia Child piece


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NY TIMES mag's weird Julia Child piece

Tom Steele | Jun 17, 2001 12:10 PM

While we're on-and-off the subject of Molly O'Neill's disappearing act, what did y'all make of Amanda Hesser's extremely weird spin on Julia Child in today's (6/17) TIMES Magazine?

Starting out as the usual paean ("If she hadn't clued us in on what was going on abroad, we'd still be wallowing in green-bean casserole."), Hesser soon veers into what I would describe as a nervous breakdown in prose. Her apparent inability to connect with Julia Child the Woman has obviously had a profound impact on her sense of security. It's like reading the transcript of some neo-Freudian therapy session: All sorts of minor aspects of various encounters with Child take on all the wrong prominence, and her visceral responses really add up to something pretty scary.

Often, while reading the TIMES, I feel as if I'm having some sort of mild stroke--a cog in the wheel that is my brain misses its receptor. But this piece REALLY struck me as surreal. Either Hesser or I had better change our medication. (All I take is Ginkgo Biloba. . . . )

Any other responses to this?

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