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Thank you NY Hounds for suggestions


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Thank you NY Hounds for suggestions

simply_victoria | Nov 15, 2004 05:35 PM

I just got back from my weekend in NY and I just wanted to thank everyone who had suggested places for us to eat out. Pretty much I spent the last 4 days eating and walking hoping that the affects of one will cancel out the affects of the other.

My eating agenda in a nutshell:
Thursday 11/11 - Hearth. Our reservations got lost, but we did get in at 9:30. Unfortunately, all I had on the plane was bits and pieces of the AA "bistro bag", and 2 milanos and some wheat thins don't really fill a person up. Therefore, by the time we started eating I was starving. As stated by everyone else, the lobster crudo was fabulous, but because of afor mentioned hunger pains, I think I ate it all in one bite. I then did the pumpkin ravioli which was delicious and ordered the hen of the wood mushrooms on the side. For dessert I did the cinnamon do nuts which were very good. I'm not a donut person, but I saw them listed and immediately had to have them. My friend had the chocolate tart which was perfect. I helped her finish that off when I was done with my donuts.

Friday 11/12 - Bubby's for brunch. Glad I went on a Friday mid morning. No one was there. Very good french toast, but I do think its a bit pricey for what you get.

Artisinal for dinner. This was perfect. Friday was such a cold, wet, yucky day that the fondue really hit the spot. We went with the safe artisinal blend because our waiter warned us off of the gorgonzola saying it would be too strong. We had the fingerling potatoes, apples, and kielbasa. My friend insisted on the kielbasa. Glad she did because it was my favorite. We also had the tuna carpaccio appetizer and a duck appetizer that was delicious. We almost licked the bowl. And the, if you can believe, we got a whole cheese plate for dessert. The suggestions were fantastic. I had to roll myself out of there.

Saturday 11/13 - Friend of the Farmer for breakfast. Very good egg's bennie and a sweet location. Luckily we got there before the crowd. The potatoes were especially good.

Podunk for lunch/tea. Very sweet little place. We just did a small tea. The selection was great and their little savory things just hit the spot.

Kittachai for dinner. Ok, I really did like this place but there were little things that didn't impress me. The food was great especially the chicken lollipops and the special lamb entree we got, but for what one pays for this place wouldn't you expect the wine steward to know what grape is in a brunello? Also, our waiter was just a wee bit pushy. Overall, great restaurant. Absolutely beautiful inside. The cocktails were fantastic, but the service could get a bit better.

Ok thats it. Sorry this was a bit long.

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