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Nutritional differences between fresh fruit and dried?


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Nutritional differences between fresh fruit and dried?

greygarious | Sep 28, 2009 11:36 AM

In recent years, I have relied increasingly on dried fruit for my daily fruit fix. I buy fresh fruit seasonally but since I have some mobility issues and shop not more than once a week, if that, the weight and bulk of my grocery bags is a consideration. Certain fresh fruits, like nectarines, apricots, and pears can look good but be flavorless and mealy - hardly worth the price and the schlepping. In contrast, their dried versions are reliably flavorful, especially the stuff from my favorite online source, and far more convenient and space-saving. Even with shipping, it is about the same price, or just a little more, than the same number of pieces of fresh fruit at the supermarket. I think of 2 dried pear halves as one piece of fruit - I drink a glass of water along with it. So I'm not in danger of unknowingly eating lots of extra calories.

I'd like to know if I am missing out on any important nutrients when I have dried rather than fresh fruit? (I take a 1000mg. Vitamin C supplement daily)

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