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Nutrition reference book?

curiousbaker | Feb 4, 200805:46 AM

I've been asked by a friend for a recommendation for a book, and unfortunately, I don't have the answer. Maybe someone here has an idea? Her sons (2 and 5) have terrible food allergies (wheat, soy, nuts, etc.) - and the two boys have different allergies to boot. This of course causes all sorts of problems for her. Cooking meals they can eat is a challenge. She is exploring all sorts of different types of grains and so on in an attempt to provide some sort of variety in their diet, but she's always worried about new foods. She wants to educate herself about food as much as possible. For example, her doctor has warned one of the boys off of peanuts because he has reacted to soy (both legumes), and she would never have realized that the two might be closely related. She's very careful, and I'm sure will ask a doctor before introducing new items into her sons' diets, but as a newcomer to non-mainstream eating, she would like a guide of some kind that would help her specifically to understand the relationships between foods - that such and such a fruit is related to another and so on, so that she might have a better overall grasp of her sons' issues. Anyone have any ideas for helpful books?

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