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Notes on David Boyk's carrot pudding


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Notes on David Boyk's carrot pudding

Ruth Lafler | Nov 25, 2005 10:50 AM

I made David's carrot pudding for T-Day, and although it was a fair amount of work, it was delicious and I'm looking forward to the leftovers.

Baking Notes: The recipe doesn't specify the size of the pan, but I doubled the recipe and it fit perfectly into a standard 9x13x2 pyrex baking dish. The baking dish was pretty full, and I was worried that it might rise and run over (with both egg whites and baking powder), but it just puffed up nicely into a dome (well, more of a plateau, since it's a rectangular dish, but you get the picture). At 10 minutes at 500 and 55 at 350 it was just right.

It was a big hit with everyone from the toddler to her grandmother, although with all the other sides, there was a lot left over. I used queso fresco, but I don't think it added anything -- mozzerella would probably have been just as good. I didn't bother with the sauce, and it doesn't need it. I like CarbLover's suggestions of putting orange zest and nuts in the pudding itself. I think it would be interesting to play with making it more savory, too, maybe by adding sauteed onions to the carrots before pureeing them, and by adding some spices (a little chipotle might be good).

Timing notes: I cooked and milled the carrots the day before to save time on T-Day. Also, I baked it at home and put it in an insulated carrier (I find this invaluable for pot lucks: http://www.homechefsupplies.com/pypob...) for the trip to Mom's -- because it's rather dense it stayed warm enough in the carrier for a couple of hours that I didn't bother to fight for oven space to rewarm it (although food safety fanatics would probably disapprove).

Thanks, David, for adding a new favorite to my rotation.

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