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A Brief Note About Posts On The Wrong Regional Board


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A Brief Note About Posts On The Wrong Regional Board

The Chowhound Team | Jul 11, 2006 07:17 PM

Hi Chowhounds-

If you see a post on this board, or any other board, for that matter, that you know belongs on a different regional board, rather than adding a reply to redirect the original poster, would you please just send the Chow Team a heads up, through the "report this post" link you will find on every posting.

We really do appreciate your efforts to point the posters to the appropriate board, but if you use the "report this post" link, it will avoid adding unnecessary additional posts to the original thread, and you will be tipping us to the post and we can move the original post (and any appropriate replies) to the correct board.

Just as a reminder, you can use the "report this post" link to notify us of other issues you might want us to know about in terms of a given posting, or a given thread.


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