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Northlake's Back! ???

kaleokahu | Feb 24, 201208:55 PM

Out of sheer boredom tonight, I revisited the scene of many a youthful indiscretion (but refrained from driving home on the Burke-Gilman trail). One of my many character flaws is that I tend to consider such places to be friends as much as restaurants.

Anyway, the last 20 or so times at Northlake Pizza--I'd say over 10 years--were beneath disappointing. The long, slow descent from stylistically good to meh to "Why am I doing this?" has been like one decade-long tooth extraction. Everything got progressively blander, soggier and sparser--yet more expensive. It had become, IMO, what my dad used to call a "clip joint".

Tonight, however, my tastebuds started The Wave before I was even witting. I spent the rest of the pie (half veggie for Wahine/half Combo for me) trying to identify what made this particular pizza... very good.

The crust was actually crisp (and with a little salt for a change), the sauce was richer and more garlic-ky, and both cheese and the other toppings had obviously been upgraded in quality by *at least* two notches. Even the table parmesan was better. The result, with minor exceptions, was as good as I remember NP's pies from the 1970s, when it had Piccolo's to keep it honest.

Have others noticed this upward quantum leap? If NP keeps this up, night-time users of Burke-Gilman should be *very* alert.


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