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Northern vs. Southern style cornbread


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Northern vs. Southern style cornbread

StriperGuy | Oct 16, 2003 04:06 PM

Recently their has been some discussion of northern vs. southern style cornbread on the Boston board.

On the Boston board, folks sometimes disparage sweet "New England" style cornbread when compared with non sweet and not as thick "Southern" style cornbread.

I spent 6 years travelling in the deep south for work: GA, SC, NC, MS, AL, FL, LA. And I went way out of my way to eat at only local places.

Quite frankly, if there is a "southern" cornbread, I never saw it. Some were thick, some were thin. Some were sweetened with sugar, molasses, cane syrup, or sorghum. Some were not sweetened at all.

I love cornbread period. I would even go so far as to say I never met a cornbread I didn't like. Though I do have a certain fondness for my own, made with very coarse, stoneground cornmeal cooked in a cast iron skillet. Oh, and by the way, usually I don't sweeten it at all, but once in a while I add a couple of teaspoons of molasses ;-).

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