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No No Norma's

TrishUntrapped | Aug 19, 2004 04:38 PM

Norma’s, Le Parker Meridien Hotel, 118 W. 57 Street.

Good for: Power Breakfast where you need to impress a grand poobah

Bad for: Family breakfast

Went for Sunday breakfast. I knew it was home of the hoi poloi $1,000 frittata but wanted to check it out anyway. My wanderlust is satisfied, I need never return.

Positives: I liked the complimentary teeny little smoothies, and since no one else at my table did, I got to drink them all. Unlimited oj ($7 a glass) is fresh squeezed, would have been nice if it was chilled, but was still good.

Major problem: Menu does not list all the main ingredients of a dish and our server did not disclose key ingredients despite being asked. Resulted in major dissatisfaction.

I asked our server what was in the Waz-za Waffle since the menu simply says it's a waffle with fruit inside, fruit outside and a "crackely brulee top."
He said berries, mangoes and bananas were in the waffle and it was covered with burnt sugar. Sounded good so I ordered it. What neither the menu nor server said was was that the whole thing is covered with strawberry yogurt. And I don’t mean a dollop, I mean smothered in about a cup's worth of pink stuff. I hate strawberry yogurt! But I decided to eat around it rather than send it back because we had a boat to catch. The waffle itself was just ok, nothing special. I ate less than 1/3 of my meal.

My husband asked our server what was in the Mandarin French Toast and was told it was French Toast covered with mandarin oranges and caramel sauce. True. But it also contained several ounces of sugared almonds, pecans and macadamia nuts. My husband hates nuts (present company excepted), so he spent several minutes removing them from the oranges. After a few bites, he told me he didn't like his french toast. I tried it... I don't know what it was made of but it wasn't bread or brioche... it was like a spice cake. When you combined it with the caramel sauce it was sickeningly sweet. Not good for more than a couple bites.

My daughter's krispy french toast wasn't crispy, although it was doused in rice krispies. It also was way too sweet. Peach and pecan pancakes were dense and dull. Bacon was so overcooked that a slice cracked like crystal when you bit it. A couple slices were burnt totally black.

Norma’s talks the talk but cuisine-wise didn’t walk the walk. Breakfast for 4 wasn’t worth $108.00 plus tip. They handed out an evaluation form with the bill, I filled it out very specifically. Does anyone care?

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