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Noodle Box unconcerned of allergies [moved from B.C. (inc. Vancouver) board]


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Noodle Box unconcerned of allergies [moved from B.C. (inc. Vancouver) board]

pinstripeprincess | Oct 24, 2012 01:36 PM

[NOTE: We've moved this thread from the B.C. board because it's turned into a discussion of how diners with allergies should communicate with restaurants, and that's a topic that's relevant to all diners. -- The Chowhound Team]

curious if there's other accounts of this but boyfriend had ordered take-out from one of the noodle box's in Victoria and made a request for beef, double meat. they interpreted this as two meats, one of which was shrimp. guess who has a shellfish allergy?

after the trek home and a bite into it, tingly lips and the offending protein was found. it could have been bad, very bad. so a call was made to the people at the noodle box and while they were pleasant enough their only response was to offer a replacement only if he could come in and claim it that night. he had already endured a 30 minute venture home, trekking another hour to get his correct order that wouldn't have sent him into anaphylactic shock wasn't something he was up to. he asked if they would deliver it. No. What if he paid their service fee? No. no noodles for dinner, i guess.

he sent off an e-mail to the owners and no response two days later. terribly disappointing.

i'm rather upset that he essentially paid for a near visit to the hospital.

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