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Off Nights in Restaraunts


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Off Nights in Restaraunts

Emily Cotlier | Jul 1, 2000 09:41 PM

Just curious to see how widespread the "off night" phenomenon in restaraunts is. You know what happens--you find a treasure and go there 3- 4 times. It's great. Then, you take someone else there, and...suddenly it's different. The waiter who smiles at you has vanished. The dish your friend orders just isn't right. (Yours, of course, is fine.) The water in the water glasses tastes funny. Service is down in general. You are dismayed, especially as you had vaunted this place to your companion as a real little find. Helplessly, you say, "It's not usually like this..."

I've found this to be true of a very good Chinese place in our area. It seems that the chef/cooking staff they have during the week is much better than their weekend chef/cooking staff.

Do people have any "off night" avoidance guidelines? Which is worse--early in the week (Monday/Tuesday) or the weekend (Fri/Sat)? I find that, if a treasure is going to turn into trouble, it's the dinner rush on Fri/Sat, at least here in New Zealand, where restaraunt service is indifferent at best.

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