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Is Nickel Leaching out of my Stainless Steel Press Pot?


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Is Nickel Leaching out of my Stainless Steel Press Pot?

Miss Needle | Dec 1, 2008 03:19 PM

About a week ago, I was drinking oolong tea out of my Bodum Stainless Steel Press Pot. This is the exact pot I have:

I almost finished my tea and left it out overnight. Was feeling fine. There was probably about 1/2 cup of water with the tea leaves sitting in the pot. The next day, I added more hot water for a second brewing. I didn't feel very well after drinking three cups of tea and got very nauseous and ended up vomiting. Didn't think anything of it -- just thought I may be coming down with something. The next day, I did the same thing -- made some oolong tea (new tea) in the pot, drank it and left it out overnight. Felt OK. Next day I added more hot water and made a second brewing. After about a cup of tea, I started getting really nauseous and weak. I stopped drinking the tea. The next few nights, I've had some difficulty breathing and a dry throat at night. I was wondering if it was my asthma coming back (haven't had it since I was a teenager). I then was reading about nickel toxicity and wondered if it came from my press pot.

I've drank oolong tea for years with no problems. So it's probably not the tea. I've left tea leaves in a ceramic mug overnight and drank a second brewing the next day with no problems at all. So I don't think it has anything to do with the tea being old. But I've never left the tea in a stainless pot overnight.

So is it possible that the tea (which is slightly acidic) leached out nickel from my pot? I've always thought that stainless steel was supposed to be safe. I have no nickel allergies. Could be coincidence, but it appears that something happened when my tea was stored in the pot overnight. I'm in no mood to test my hypothesis.

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