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Something nice to say about Norristown-- Famiglia Prima


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Something nice to say about Norristown-- Famiglia Prima

Chris Holst | May 11, 2002 10:04 AM

Considering the beating that Norristown recently took here (partly administered by me), I'm happy to report a hopeful happening on the chow scene that occurred there this week:

Across the corner of Swede and Airy streets, right across from the courthouse, a new Italian-esque deli/sandwich place has opened, and the quality of the chow is first rate. They're not fully squared away in term of their licensing, so the kitchen is not up and running yet, but they are producing cold deli sandwiches in staggering variety.

Their speciality is hoagie-type sandwiches featuring italian-style meats and cheeses. In my two trials of their wares, I was impressed with the quality of the ingredients. Their spicy sopressata, capicola and sharp provolone combined very well, and the roll on which it was assembled was one of the better examples in the philly area. The capicola was the real, dry cured stuff, not the spiced up wet pink ham. The sopressata was a good example of the real style, though not exceptional. The very fact that sharp provolone was available scored points in my book. The second sandwich was equally impressive-- proscuitto and fresh mozzarella topped by garlic marinated roasted peppers. Again very high quality in all the component parts.

My one complaint is with their service... molasses is quicker. With 4 people standing in line before me, it was a 40 minute wait for the sandwich the first time. The second time, having cunningly snagged a copy of their menu and their phone number, our order was called in, and there was still a 20 minute wait to pick it up from the time they said it would be ready. Hopefully they'll iron out the first week kinks and get the production standards up to the same level as their ingredients!

Norristown needs more quality chow purveyors... patronize these guys and attract more like 'em!

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