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Joanie | Jun 1, 2004 08:06 AM

New to me at least and I don't think there's been much talk about them here. Fri. was dinner at Dalia's in Washington Sq. Brookline. It's so similar to Duckworth, I wonder if they just changed the name. A very pleasant space with a good sized bar, a few tables for 2 and larger parties and 4 or 5 booths. The meal was nothing to rave about but okay. I'd think it would be more of a neighborhood standby but the whole neighborhood seemed to be at the Washington Sq. Tavern and Anam Cara that nite (maybe there was more drinking than eating going on). The olives and olive oil were very good, baguette was just okay. I had duck breast with wild rice and asparagus for about $17 and while duck breast is supposed to be rare, I had to send this back for another minute cuz it was way too red for me and I felt like I was eating uncooked chicken. Came with an apricot sauce and once it got grilled a bit more, it was okay. They were out of tenderloin for my friend so he went with a decent ravioli that I can't remember what it was stuffed with. They only have beer and wine, a pretty good selection by the glass. Service was very sweet. If I lived closer, I'd definitely visit more often. Maybe if they had a panini or two, they'd get more people in there. We ran into a couple friends searching for a burger (but A. Cara was too crowded) so we went with them to Vinny T's which I'd never been too (and who had no burger). I got a piece of acceptable cheesecake that was supposed to be espresso laced but you couldn't taste that. Also had a taste of their baked clams which I thought would be like stuff quahogs but were actually belly clams with some tasty breading on top and not bad. The pasta and meatballs for one was of course humungous.

Sat. was Orleans in Davis Sq., only cuz Rudy's in Teele Sq. was jammed (and seemed to be the only place that was packed in that Davis/Teele Sq. area except I heard Redbones had a >1 hr wait, no surprise). Since I'd been looking forward to a margarita so much, we got the Orleans style one ($7) with some peach flavoring, it was big and thirst quenching but didn't have the zing of some I've had (not an expert by any means). Another great room with a nice bar, dining and lounge area with a dj playing that kind of music where one song is indistinguishable from the next with a constant beat (not my area of expertise). They have the typical interesting new American menu with lots of apps I wanted but the waitress didn't really seem to be able to tell me much about any of them and after my bad crabcake experience last week, I played it safe and got a burger w/ cheddar and caramelized onions ($10). Very good, fries were good, not disappointed at all. My friend was here from Seattle where he says swordfish isn't that common, so he was happy with that choice (~$18).

Hung out at the Ruby Room lounge at the new Onyx Hotel by north station Sun. nite. Actually wasn't as dark in there as I assumed it would be, nor as crowded but it seemed pretty quiet around town that nite. Got fancy drinks in the $9-11 range and decided to get a few bites (only have a small bar menu, no real restaurant there). My friend really enjoyed the asparagus spring rolls but I personnally prefer more chopped items in my spring rolls. Nicely fried tho, as was the plate of fried rock shrimp, calamari, clams and onion rings. Yummy (I think both were $9).

Finally found the Sherman Cafe in Union Sq. for a choc. chip scone and iced coffee. They were good and the people working there are very nice. Sandwiches looked interesting, worth another visit. Also got a piece of mango cake at the Eldo Cake place in Chinatown and that was a bargain at $1.70. It's weird how the cake itself isn't very sweet at all.

That was after lunch at obviously not new Taiwan Cafe (prices for have gone up $.35 for lunch) where I tried the pork, mustard greens and tofu trying to stay somewhat healthy. They made it spicy and it was fine but I should have tried the tilapia. I'm not a soup person and the ones I've had there are never very exciting, and burn half my tongue off. I did see some tasty looking unhealthy dishes of fried pork chops maybe, next time. Also grabbed a beef/lamb gyro at Schwarma King in Coolidge Corner last week which hit the spot, I don't think I'd had one of those since being in Germany where doner kebabs are everywhere (at least last time I was in Berlin a while ago). Light on the tahini thank you.

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