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For all of you newer model Cuisinart users out there, a question....?

Caroline1 | Jan 31, 201108:49 PM

The cover to the bowl of my ancient Cuisinart broke last month, so I ordered a new one. When it arrived, it wouldn't fit the old bowl. So I bought a new bowl. Oh, and for the record, mine is a DLC7, an early "Made In Japan" model from the seventies. When I ordered the new lid, the saleslady said, "You are SOOOO lucky! They last forever!" I was nice and did not reply, "Yeah, but the bowls don't!" So today I was making fetuccini Alfredo for lunch (I'm on a "sin on a plate" kick) and thought, hey! I don't have to grate a cup of parmesan by hand. I've got my new Cuisinart bowl!

Yeah. And what a cute little fiasco that was! For the life of me, I could NOT get the pusher out of the feed tube! I THOUGHT I had read every instruction on the damned thing. No luck. I finally ended up taking the lid off, inverting it, putting the cheese inside the feed tube, holding it in place with a finger while I put it back on the bowl. Thank heaven I only needed a cup of cheese!

So AFTER lunch, I called The Gourmet Depot, where I bought the new bowl and lid for instructions on how to get the feed tube out. A very nice guy held on while I actually got the cover in hand and walked me through it. I can do it now, but... UNSATISFACTORY! What is with Cuisinart?

On my original seventies bowl, most owners did the same thing I did... Break off the lock tab that kept the feed tube from separating from the chute so you didn't have to take half the cover off every time you used it. And it served me well for forty years. But now, this new design thwarts that because the feed tube and chute are locked in molded channels with wings that fly through the channels, and the plastic thingie you press to get the feed tube sleeve and the feed tube away from the cover is --- in my opinion -- VERY flimsy! When I commented on that, the guy walking me through the process responded, "Yes, be careful, it CAN break!" Which, I am forced to assume, is why Cuisinart came up with the flat lid without a feed tube?

So now to my question and the reason for this whole long preamble... Short of getting out my Dremel tool and carving away the bottom of the lock channel that keeps the feed tube ONLY from coming out of the lid, does anyone know of an easier way to modify this devil? It would certainly make using my Cuisinart food processor a joy once more! Thanks for any help.

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