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A newbie with an unusual problem

rajat | Mar 17, 200811:15 PM

I've spent my life trying many different types of wines and have really not liked any of them. Oh some are somewhat better than others, but rarely to the point where I can enjoy them. Most of my life I have simply ignored this, although have always had a regret that I can never really enjoy the wine-paired multi-course offerings at good restaurants. It's also sad that my wife really enjoys wine, but is often limited in her choices when we go out because I can't share a bottle or half with her. So if they don't offer it by the glass, she's out of luck.

I don't think I have any prejudices regarding wine or wine drinking. I managed to develop a taste for beer in college and continued drinking that with friends through my 20s. Then, because I moved, and a different lifestyle, I stopped drinking beer and after a few years, found that I had completely lost the taste for beer too. It's not something I'll voluntarily drink now.

I'm not sure exactly what the taste I object to is, but it's closest to bitter.

Anyone hear of anything like this? Is it psychological? As I said, I don't think I have any prejudices against drinking (well, against DUI perhaps, but so, I imagine, does everyone here). My parents are also complete teetotalers, but that's because of a lack of exposure to alcohol (they were immigrants to the US) and not because of religious prohibitions or anything.

So, is this just a case of immature taste? I have tried wines that people have recommended, to the point where I have bought a recommended bottle now and then and forced myself to drink a glass every day hoping to acquire a taste for it. Even tried it with bottles of port because--as I was told--it was sweeter and that might be easier to start with. But so far, no dice. What wines would you recommend for a complete newbie to start with?

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