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Nesting: What are the first things you like to cook in a new kitchen?

meatn3 | Dec 26, 201106:24 PM

I had never really thought about this until about 20 years ago when a friend mentioned that her sister always got a batch of beef bourguignon started in a crock pot on her very frequent moving days (she had a soap operatic love-life, but that's for another forum).

After that conversation I realized my first "new" kitchen dish was generally a soup or stew. I rather enjoy the bubbling, stirring, tasting which goes hand in hand with that sort of dish and the pace works well with a day spent unpacking a kitchen.

This past week I broke with tradition! I had been "camping" in my new place during an extensive renovation, initially with just a small cooler, coffee maker and toaster oven. Stepped it up a little later with a microwave and felt like I was living high on the hog once the fridge arrived! My gas line was finally installed Friday and the range was usable - first thing I made was a lamb roast!


I had barely cooked since August and the new place has a huge bed of rosemary - the cooler weather and being sick of sandwiches, well, that's the dish which was calling me!

The process, the aroma, the meal, the leftovers - heaven! The act of really cooking made the space finally feel like home!

What do you cook to make a new kitchen feel like home? Recipes welcome!

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