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Needle in a VERY large haystack


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Needle in a VERY large haystack

Bruin2 | May 31, 2004 10:26 PM

I am at my wits end. I'm down to hoping for a foodie miracle.

Sometime in the last 9 months my wife and I saw a recipe for a chicken dish which begins with braising some chicken and onions. It had lemon and was kind of a Greek type dish. I think it finished in the same pan in the oven.

It was described by a woman who had submitted the recipe who said that her mom used to make this dish all the time and that her whole family always loved it. I have checked Sunset, Bon Appetit, the Times and just can't find it. Needless to say we liked it, it was easy, and I thought my wife had the recipe, and she thought I had it, and neither remembers where we saw it. Just by chance, I know its a million to one, did anyone see that recipe and remember where it was. Thanks for reading this.

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