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Needed: Cantonese Speaker to Suss Out an Address!


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Needed: Cantonese Speaker to Suss Out an Address!

Jim Leff | May 23, 2004 05:51 PM

One of my favorite Cantonese places, New Kim Tuong, went out of biz a while ago, breaking my heart. I saw an outdated listing for them on the web, and, on a whim, called the old number: 718-396-5603.

The people who answered seemed to be Chinese and in a restaurant. So I'm hoping against hope that maybe they moved, rather than closed. Problem: the people on the phone don't speak English.

If anyone out there who speaks Cantonese (I'm betting they're Cantonese because that was what New Kim Tuong served...though, who knows, these guys MAY speak Mandarin) would be kind enough to call and find out what the deal is (or, at very least, get their address and I'll just go investigate), I'd be appreciative, as would all those who miss the place!


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