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Needed: Butcher of Raccoon


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Needed: Butcher of Raccoon

David Hammond | Jan 3, 2005 06:50 AM

Needed: Butcher of Raccoon

I may soon have access to a quantity of fresh raccoon that will need to be cleaned and butchered.

I have some history with the raccoon as entree. I lived in a Hyde Park commune in the 70’s, and like most commie collectives (Power to the People ®), we hired a cook who made us dinner every night, and she would sometimes cook up the raccoon with chitterlings on the side.

If you haven’t had raccoon, it’s kind of a hybrid of pork and duck: stringy, sometimes gamey, dark meat. Definitely edible, and as I understand it, very popular in some regions. Try it; you might just like it.

Anyhow, I need a place that can get it ready for me.

David “Thank God I’m a Country Boy” Hammond

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