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Navigating the Red Curry Highway


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Navigating the Red Curry Highway

Scott Pierson | Sep 3, 2004 09:41 PM

I'm making red curry paste... again. I have around 20 recipes in front of me, so unless you have the BEST red curry paste recipe on the planet, please refrain from posting recipes. What I'm really looking for is not the how but the why.

Tips? Tricks? Common Pitfalls?

Describe to me the flavor profile. What flavor(s) stands out? What hits you first? What lingers?

What ingredient, in your opinion, makes or breaks a good red curry paste?

What ingredient, if used slightly in excess, trashes this work of art?

What substitutions, if any, work?

How essential are cilantro roots?

Describe to me the difference in flavor between mortar/pestle prepared paste and a food processor version.

Answer one or all of these. Although I have a general outline in my head, I'm looking to fill in a few brush strokes.

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