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Naval Beef?

DockPotato | Mar 15, 200810:52 AM

It comes in large, white plastic tubs with black lettering. I know it's salted beef, but if I took it home, (I've been sorely tempted, lo these many years) what would I find and what would I do with it?

How is the product produced? Is it cooked or just pickled? Any additives other than salt? What beef cuts are used? How would I prepare it?

What is its history?

I know that it is Maritimer thing; that it's central to Jiggs's Dinner; that it's inexpensive, and that there is/was a Newfie musical group by the same name. So, it must be good.

Naval beef can be found in many, many supermarkets here in Ontario and has been around forever. Why do I know nothing about it.

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