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Natural Flavorings and "Natural" Flavorings


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Natural Flavorings and "Natural" Flavorings

Jim Leff | Jun 1, 2006 06:24 PM

Need some help for an article. Also an interesting issue.

Most of us are aware that there's very little diff between artificial and natural flavorings. The former are entirely synthesized in a lab, but the latter may be just as refined, squeaking by by starting out with something vaguely foodlike (e.g. some analog of an enzyme in beef teeth may taste orangey...i'm making this up).

However.....I THINK some natural flavors are actually perfectly honest foods, but used in small enough quantity that the manufacturer needn't specify (thus disclosing secret ingredients, etc).

So I think there are natural flavors that are super refined, lab produced chemicals which squeak past labeling requirements by having been based on something vaguely natural....and there are natural flavors that are truly food-like, non-high tech things like distilled almond essence.

Is this correct? If anyone could point me to legit sources on this, I'd appreciate it (I've already read Fast Food Nation, but the author doesn't get into the second point).

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