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Nasty film on my hands after cutting butternut squash

davis_sq_pro | Aug 27, 200805:15 PM     41

Hi all,

I cut up some butternut squash earlier today, and since cutting it my fingers are coated with a yellowish film that refuses to come off in whole. I've been able to scrub off little bits and pieces with a lot of force, and have also tried vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, nailpolish remover, and rubbing alcohol, all to no avail. The film feels similar to getting superglue stuck on your hands -- kind of a thin, hard, and very annoying shell -- which is why I thought of the nailpolish remover (acetone dissolves superglue).

In the future I'll use gloves when I'm cutting these up, but in the meantime does anyone have any idea how to remove this stuff from my hands? It's certainly not an emergency or causing me any real trouble aside from the annoyance factor, but I would rather not have to wait days for it to wear off like with superglue...


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