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dude | Jul 1, 2004 04:30 PM

Branching out from a dialog on the BBQ Forum...

I live in Oceanside. Aside from Western Beef in the city (and who wants to schlep big hunks of meat home on the LIRR?), I have a very hard time finding appropriate meat to run through my smoker. I'm talking about cryovac'ed packer briskets, pork butt, and that ilk, but especially packer briskets.

Costco, and almost every other (somewhat) economical purveyor of meat only sells flats (the first cut, braising fodder.) U-Need-a, near me in Oceanside, usually has them, but they typically only carry prime beef, and are asking $5.99/lb (for untrimmed brisket!) I've stuck my head into Kellner's in RVC, without any more luck.

Does anyone know of a butcher that has everything and isn't exhorbitant?


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