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No more Nasoya brand salad dressing


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No more Nasoya brand salad dressing

FelafelBoy | Apr 4, 2009 06:50 PM

Nasoya (Vitasoy) told me that they stopped making its soy-based line of salad dressing.

I used to enjoy the garden herb, as well as the creamy dill salad dressing.

I was told that similar salad dressings could be made from its sandwhich spread by adding a few ingredients as listed on its website for such salad dressings.

It seems like the first few ingredients are included in the sandwhich spread that were in the salad dressings, but the user has to add additional ingredients. I am not planning on making huge amounts of this, so using the ingredients suggested for this purpose is impractical.

I liked the creamy taste of their dressings and preferred them over dairy-based dressings.

Any suggestions to similar dressings as those previously made by Nasoya, or how to improvise with Nasoya's sandwhich spread to duplicate their product?

For its creamy dill, I thought of adding some dill (most of the fresh dill would go to waste, unless I froze it), but the original ingredients label listed "spices" and some other additions that would make it difficult to duplicate.

The next step is to create my own dressing. Has anyone bought the sandwhich spread and if so, does it taste like a soy flavored version of mayonnaise? (I prefer Hellman's, then Kraft, over all the others.)

Perhaps blending silken tofu with some additional ingredients might result in something that I am looking for. It was so much easier buying the Nasoya product!

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