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rlcole4346 | Feb 11, 201811:13 AM    

We had family up from South Louisiana in December, and spent the night in Nashville when taking them back to the airport.

Chauhan Ale & Masala House for dinner. Wow! I had not been a fan of Indian cuisine. However, I had read several interesting reviews regarding the restaurant. All four of us absolutely loved it. So many interesting spices and flavors. In a way, it reminded me of Vicia in St. Louis. Vicia is a Mexican influenced restaurant, another cuisine I am not wild about. Yet, Vicia also offered innovative food, with very interesting spice and ingredient combinations.

We told our server (Wilder) at Chauhan that we were relatively unfamiliar with the dishes. We asked for her advice on ordering different items which we would then share, exposing us to a variety of tastes. I don’t think she could have done anything better--wonderful advice on food and drink.

We shared lamb tacos, goan style mussels, korma shrimp, garlic parmesan naan, and also a nice Cooper Hill Pinot Noir. We really would like to have tried more dishes. Unfortunately, we had started with happy hour oysters at the Southern Steak and Oyster House about 3pm. While we love oysters, we would not start on food before we get to Chauhan Ale & Masala House the next time.

We all shared a most enjoyable dessert-- jalebi, basically like an Indian funnel cake. I also indulged in an Ol’ Chauhan, their play on an Old Fashioned, using Indian spices such as cardamom clove syrup. Okay, full disclosure--I could not remember the details for the jalebi or the Ol’Chauhan. I called to ask. The Asst. General Manager, Sarah, swiftly emailed me the info I needed.


Back to Chauhan. I had to go Vanderbilt for medical stuff last week. Of course, we used that as an excuse to spend two nights and enjoy ourselves. MC and I managed a lunch at Chauhan. Drinks first: The Last Thyme for me and a Predator Zin for MC. I'm really enjoying the inclusion of mezcal in mixed drinks like The Last Thyme, MC not so much.

Foodwise, started with a tomato & grilled cheese soup. Sounds common, but not so. Really interesting ingredients. We shared a lamb burger and a Tikki burger. We both loved the lamb burger. The Tikki, not as much. I was surprised that we didn't, as we enjoy veggie sandwiches and we like black eyed peas. Still, I don't regard our reaction as a negative. It simply was not a taste for us. The staff sent out a dessert as a finale. We were treated to rice cakes which had been hollowed out, then dipped in chocolate, and filled with an Indian style marzipan. So good with coffee.

Chauhan is definitely on our list for a dinner on our next visit.

Etch: Had a late bite. Very good as usual. We shared an Octopus Bruschetta, a pork tenderloin and a duck tart. MC had a nice Landmark Chardonnay while I explored the taste of a Belle Mead Smoked Old Fashioned (interesting).

The Farm House: We had 7: 30 reservations. However, we finished up our Vanderbilt medical stuff and were back to our hotel by 3pm. We had picked a hotel close to the restaurants we wanted. We walked to The Farm House for happy hour. Great bar manager (thanks Mo). We shared an order for pig’s ears, along with local drafts. Our only problem is that we were too full for an early dinner. That, sadly, is one of the downsides to aging. We get full much too fast. Thanks to Mo we only ordered one appetizer. They are definitely not small.

We were able to delay our dinner time. We skipped the appetizers. We shared the NC Trout and the scallops. The trout was quite good (more MC’s choice, but I also enjoyed). The scallops were the best we have ever had, and we have had a lot over the years, as we have lived on the gulf coast and the east coast. We enjoyed our conversation with the manager (Robert) and also with Trey (founder & executive chef). And, of course, with Mo.

We have to go back to Nashville in two weeks, and plan to visit their other place (Black Rabbit) for music and food. We had drinks there on the above trip.

The Farm House
Black Rabbit
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