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Napoleon/MILLE-FEUILLE or MILLEFOGLIE - How do you eat it?

KaimukiMan | Jun 5, 201212:29 PM

a friend and i went out for desset. i had a really delicious caramelized almond tart, he got the Napoleon, an upper and lower "crust" two layers of pastry cream, with a layer of fruit in the middle, similar to the pic below, but instead of a center crust there was a layer of pear, peach, and strawberry slices.

Thoroughly decadent and delicious.

The problem was how to eat it properly? If you pressed down on top to break thru the crust, the cream smooshed out all over the place. It didn't seem right to deconstruct it. In the end he removed the top crust, broke it in to sections and replaced them on top and ate each section as a separate piece. Clever, effective, neat. But somehow I doubt that's what the chef intended. So how does one eat one of these things?

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